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Named for the year APhA Foundation was established, the 1953 Society is a special group of donor leaders who believe that pharmacists can distinctly help patients manage their diseases and live healthier lives by playing a key role on the healthcare team.

In 2023, we celebrate 10 years of philanthropy powered by the 1953 Society. During this decade anniversary, a contribution to the 1953 Society Campaign preserves your name at the home of American pharmacy where you will receive special recognition as a Decade Donor.

Decade Donor Giving Options:

  • $162.75 per month and above (select "Make this a monthly recurring donation") - Name included on a Decade Donor plaque at APhA Headquarters
  • $1953 and above - Name included on a Decade Donor plaque at APhA Headquarters
  • $2500 and above - Name engraved on a granite paver on APhA's East Terrace $3500 and above - Larger granite paver with name engraved on APhA's East Terrace $5000 and above - Sponsored APhA Conference Room Executive Chair

To make a contribution of $10,000 and above, please contact jsapia@aphanet.org.

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